Free Christmas Album

This is a project I began in 2009, just after Archer was born. I’m not quite sure how I thought at the time I’d ever be able to complete it with a new baby, but it’s been a labour of love since then - the album that is, not just fatherhood! In the meantime with the arrival of Jarvis, moving house, a renovation and a new studio, I decided it was time to finish it this year. A lot of vocals recorded literally whilst holding a sleeping baby, tracks mixed late at night when the house was quiet, and a wife who didn't have too much to say about Christmas songs echoing up the stairs from the studio from April to November (thanks Jodyann!) all helped this project see the light of day. It’s been fun, I hope you all enjoy it and whatever you have planned - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Steve.

Merry Christmas

Steve Doyle

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